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Icons: 12 Misc {Kristen, Laguna, One Tree Hill}

So, I don't think I'm the only one obsessing over Laguna Beach. xD I got sucked in, and made a few cute icons. Well, aside from a few other things.

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Three Misc. Laguna Beach
Three Kristen Bell
Six Misc. One Tree Hill

Misc. Laguna Beach
01. Image hosted by 02. Image hosted by 03. Image hosted by

Kristen Bell
04. Image hosted by 05. Image hosted by 06. Image hosted by

Misc. One Tree Hill
07. Image hosted by 08. Image hosted by 09. Image hosted by
10. Image hosted by 11. Image hosted by 12. Image hosted by

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omg taking 2, and 9 those are great!
Awesome! Taking NH, Haley and Nathan!
yay LC! Love her! And the OTH ones, nice :)
LC rocks! Haha, glad you like them.
took 10 n 11 ty!!! x0xo
I love them Snagging 7 and 11
For a looked like you said snogging.

Oi. Need to get my head out of the gutter.
Took 9. Thank you. These are great by the way.