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Tutorial: #1 - London Premiere

As a few people have asked, I've decided to write up a tutorial for this icon:

Warning! This is quite image heavy.

I would also like to say that while I'm really excited to be doing my first tutorial, I would rather not see a hundred copies of this icon everywhere. Use this for your own use, but please don't use the same base image.

This tutorial is for PSP9, though I am sure its translatable for previous versions and PS. Also, with every new step, there are new layers! Make sure each gradient, each brush is on its own layer.

First we start out with the base image. You want to make sure its in good condition. You can sharpen it, clarify it, what ever you need to do to have a good base.

Next, duplicate the base layer twice. Set the first duplicated layer to Screen at 100 opacity. The second should be set to Soft Light at 100 opacity. This will make it stand out more underneath all the brushes, etc.

After that, make a new raster layer set to Lighten at 34 opacity. Fill it with this gradient:

Your icon should now look like this:

Now that much of a different, huh? Well, now's the time for finishing touches.

Using this light textture, by awmp set it to Hard Light at 100 opacity.

We're basically finished. All that's left is the text, and brushes.

Make another new raster layer. Leave it at Normal 100 opacity.

With this brush, by _joni place it right in the bottom left-hand corner of the icon.

Now, it looks a bit plain to me, so we'll be adding text.

I usually add the text somewhere around the brush, but you can place it anywhere you'd like.

After you clicked where you want your text, make sure all of your settings look like this:

You want to use Century Gothic on size 1, bold with anti-alias: Sharp. You may now type in whatever you what, I usually type in lyrics I'm listening to or "blah blah blah." =D

After adding in the text, you're finished! Your icon should come out looking somewhat like this:

Pretty similar right? I hope this was easy to follow!
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